Sitterley Scholarship Trusts for Fairfield County, Ohio
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Qualifications (see Scholarship details)

Directions for Application

1) Complete this application (pages:1-4) in its entirety.
      Incomplete applications will not be considered.

2) Attach a copy of your high school transcript
     (and college transcript when applicable).
      Also attach a recent photo.

3) Do not supplement this application with additional
     resumes, financial forms, or letters of recommendation.

4) An interview shall be arranged for selected applicants,
     as part of the selection process.

5) Scholarships are not to be used for Summer Terms,
     (except under special circumstance, approved by
       the Trustee). Students are expected to have summer
       jobs and contribute to their college expenses. Likewise,
       scholarships are not for study abroad, unless approved
       by the Trustee, due to the added cost of such programs.

6) Application deadline: Post Marked by - March 15th
2015 Sitterley Scholarship Trusts for Fairfield County, Ohio
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